Therefore, if the deed of ownership has not been confirmed, a creditor can apply for an injunction declaring half of the former owner`s share in the property particularly enforceable. The agreement looks like an act of division and you can see an example here. The agreement must contain the names of all family members whose decision is important in this regard, the details of the ownership of the property and the specific conditions of this distribution of the property. It is recommended to indicate all the details of the property with the house number, the surface and even a site plan, if possible. As with the acts of my previous example, which was discussed in the first part, tasks should not be included in a document with this title. The person to whom the cheque is to be paid) gives an assignee the right to cash the cheque and obtain full face value by signing the back of the cheque as « payable to [The name of the transferee] ». In Virginia, any order, letter or act « appropriating » a fund assimilates an enforceable assignment of the Fund, as long as it appears that the person transferring an interest intends to do so and the person to whom the interest has been transferred has understood and accepted it. Situations of creditors who wish to declare particularly enforceable the half share of assets acquired by divorce order should be avoided. Immediately after the divorce order, it is advisable to file an application for confirmation of the deed of ownership in order to reflect the spouse who acquires the property as the full owner of the property.