The formal execution of the conditions of this document is called « Section 8. Authorization ». Before roommates sign their names, the date of signatures must be recorded. Enter the current calendar date at the time of signing as a double-digit calendar day, month, and year in the area that says « The roommates executed this agreement… » The first party to sign this form is the principal resident/owner He or she must sign the « Principal Roommate / Landlord`s Signature » line and then print their name in the « Printed Name » line. Then, the new tenant must sign his name in the empty field with the inscription « Signature of the new roommate ». In the « Printed Name » line below, the name of the new customer must be printed by the new customer. Finally, any co-Roommate participating in this residential arrangement must sign their name and print on the blank lines according to the words « Co-Roommate`s Signature » and « Printed Name ». Make sure each roommate signs this document. Enough space for three other roommates to sign this document if more space is needed, you can continue the list of signatures on an appendix. If you are not the main tenant of the lease and are looking for a simple colocation agreement between you and another roommate, you can create a free colocation agreement with our client in a few minutes. A roommate agreement is a contract concluded exclusively between members who live in the same rental unit and which contain two or more people. Don`t confuse a colocation contract with a lease, as one contract is only between tenants and the other a contract between a lessor and a tenant.