A standard agreement with the roommates must cover certain basic information such as the name of all the roommates and the address of the property in question. Each contracting party should sign and date them. Sign another adult who is not a party to the agreement as a signature witness. Give a signed copy to all parties and a courtesy copy to the owner. The first thing to do is to carefully check the terms of the lease to make sure that a roommate is allowed. If the utilities are shared and the roommate pays for a portion of the utilities, indicate the share for the roommate. Describe in mathematical detail how the electricity bill is distributed among the tenants of the rental unit. Include the day of payment of the aid. If a security deposit is required for utilities, indicate the proportional amount paid by the roommate of the utility company`s security deposit. It is important to understand that the signatories of the original lease are responsible for what happens to the rental unit. Unless the roommate signs a rental agreement directly with the landlord, the original tenants are 100% responsible for what a roommate does. The form can be used for up to three (3) clients.

If more than three apartments live in rent, it is possible to add more space by editing the form with the Word version. The form not only provides roommates with space to write certain rules, but also contains recommended rules, z.B. « Are parties allowed? If so, when and at what size? and « What name will it be written on the invoices? » , to name but a few. Step 6 – Activate the checkbox to indicate whether the food bill is shared or if each person is responsible for their own food. Enter a number or description of the disc space available for each roommate. Penalties for late payment of rents and cheques refunded must be listed in the « Payment Information » section. If your new roommates have the potential to allow new roommates, you can also indicate this. State the rules of the roommate`s behaviour and whether he can bring clients to the rental unit. Arizona law limits a deposit to one and a half months` rent for the rental unit.

A roommate`s deposit must not exceed this amount and must be based proportionately on the amount of space occupied by the roommate. Include the part of the bail for the roommate. With regard to the section of the contract, you must specify the type of agreement agreed with the owner.