Methamphetamine Contamination (No. 75-10-1305) – An apartment considered uninhabitable due to methamphetamine contamination requires disclosure by the seller, who makes it clear that the property has not received corrective action. Owner`s Declaration of Ownership (No. 37-51-313 (3) (a), No. 37-51-313 (a)) – Even if sellers are not legally required to complete a disclosure statement for the benefit of the purchaser, this remains a common practice in the State of Montana. The reason is that the buyer usually asks for this information to continue the transaction. Even if the seller is not required to provide information, any agent involved in the sale is legally required to disclose all known adverse material facts. Information needed for real estate agents. Even if sellers are not required to make a separate disclosure, this could be the case. Montana law requires sellers to disclose material and other relevant information about the terms of the property they are aware of. These include issues such as structural integrity, health risks and infestations. Real estate agents are also required to disclose whether they have personal knowledge of the veracity of information about unwanted material facts. Sellers are not required to verify the information provided by the seller or to verify the property.

Radon (No. 75-3-606) – The title disclosure statement should be included in the contents of the sales contract and recognized by the purchaser. When the building for sale is subject to a radioactive gas check, the seller is also required to provide the results of the test to the buyer. Seller`s Disclosure Statement – Although this is not necessary, the seller of a property may provide the buyer with a statement describing the condition of the property. The contract completed and signed is kept by the buyer and seller for personal registration. The contract is signed in two copies, one for each part. This document is filled out if individuals wish to buy or sell real estate without a broker. The contract is used in the state of West Virginia. Buyer attention/Caveat emptor. The Montana law does not impose property guarantees on the seller unless he is aware of a problem that could affect the health or safety of the buyer.