However, some software providers make their source code available to you for an additional fee. Why the extra costs? There are a few main reasons: another software licensing issue, which is particularly relevant to SaaS buyers, is data possession. In a study, 31% of respondents who did not accept SaaS solutions said that concerns about data ownership were one of the reasons for their reluctance. Reading an ERP license agreement will never be anyone`s favorite task. But it is essential that you read and understand the agreement that covers your software. Synchro ERP Ltd guarantees that the (s) system (s) will be able to operate in accordance with the current description of the application software. Synchro ERP Ltd undertakes to make every reasonable effort to correct errors caused by Synchro ERP Ltd`s fault if such a defect is notified in writing to Synchro ERP Ltd within three months of the installation date. Any modification or attempt to change the system (s) by the customer or other third parties expires this guarantee. Prices for software and commercial application services submitted to the Customer are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of the offer, unless otherwise stated in the offer under the signature of a director of Synchro ERP Ltd. There are two standard approaches to determining how long the software can use: indeterminate and maturity-based licensing. Most sellers of traditional ERP solutions ON PREMISE concede their software over the long term.

Simply put, once you buy the software, you can use it for as long as you like. (Support and services are another topic – but more information about it shortly.) However, given the menu`s a la carte nature when it comes to ERP systems, you need to make sure that your software license agreement covers the specific features and features you expect. The important question is that if you have to add users or a new module, you will pay that list price or the rate at which you originally entered into a contract? Finally, once you have gone through the work of installing and operating the software for a while, your trading leverage is greatly reduced. Here`s a little secret: most proprietary software vendors really don`t want to share their source code with you. Also make sure the legal team verifies prices, conditions and agreements for the company`s implementation providers in the contract. Determining how many users your software allows seems pretty simple, doesn`t it? It`s just a number, isn`t it? In general, it`s a proven method of staying abreast of software updates, not only to access new features, but also to get security patches and patches. In particular, if you are dealing with software that processes data as sensitively as in an ERP solution, it is essential to maintain a security profile as much as possible against known threats.